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FAQs for Sauna Therapy

How long should I stay in the sauna?

You can stay up to 40 minutes, but it is best to work up to that length; start with 10-15 minute sessions.

Is the sauna safe? Do I have to worry about UV radiation?

Using the Sunlighten infrared sauna is safe, in fact it is safer than flying in a plane.

Will I get bored or antsy while using the sauna?

While some people meditate and enjoy the quiet, you have the option while inside the sauna to listen to music or watch videos or TV.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my sauna appointment?

Hydrate with at least 8 oz. of water beforehand, as you will sweat as your core body temperature increases during your session. Be sure to also drink at least 8 oz. (24 oz is optimal) of water or electrolyte after your session to rehydrate.

What should I wear when in the sauna?

It’s best to wear nothing at all. (We just ask that you sit on a towel when nude- otherwise we will need to charge you an extra cleaning fee.)


What is the difference between your Infrared Sauna and a ‘traditional’ sauna?

In a ‘traditional’ sauna, the temperature around you is hot and can make it hard to breathe; in an infrared sauna, your core body temperature goes up while the air around you is unaffected, leading to a much more pleasant and effective session.

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