About Us

Who is behind Sanctuary Float Center?

Sharon Rogers

Lynn Butterfield

Sharon Rogers

Growing up on a small farm in Maryland, I spent summers working the garden and preparing meals using the fresh produce. Riding horses, foraging for herbs, and helping to maintain the farm kept me outside a lot, which was influential in developing my enjoyment of nature and animals. In hindsight, being outside with my horses and dogs was my early ‘calm’.

After college, I worked for Coca-Cola as a quality control chemist, eventually moving to Atlanta to head up one of their labs. I was able to find a home here with some land, and so was able to once again enjoy the serenity the animals, fields and woods afforded me. 

While Coke was a great company for which to work, I felt my job did not support my desire to serve people, and so I made the decision to leave and become a General Nutrition Center franchise owner, operator. There I was able to provide products and advice to help people attain their health goals. This transition also provided me the flexibility to chair several fundraisers, as well as head up many food drives for the area nonprofits.

To further my ability to assist people, I trained to be a certified massage therapist and neuromuscular therapist, and opened (co-owned) a therapy center for 10 years, until a hand injury ended that pursuit. Along the same lines, I also studied and became a certified Health Coach.

During the 26 years I ran the GNCs, I became aware of just how many people avoided exercise because they were embarrassed by their looks, or because pain limited their movements. And being a cancer survivor myself, I am keenly aware of the negative impact stress and not taking time for yourself can have. So I made the decision to sell the GNC, and began work with a local acupuncturist.

This exposure to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine was eye-opening. There was another whole world out there of different cooking methods, medical techniques and herbs, and meditation and movements to which I had never been exposed. So much more to learn!

It was really at this point where I began to seriously contemplate designing a new type of wellness center. How do I combine all the information and experience and observations gleaned over the years, to provide people with a restorative and relaxing place to work on themselves? And thus the concept of the Sanctuary Float Center began to emerge: A private setting, so no embarrassment. Calm surroundings, so no stress. Gentle movement, so no pain. Multiple therapeutic equipment choices, so no excuses. Restorative supplements, so no harshness. It then struck me just how much people really needed such a center. Heck, how much I needed such a center. And so I and my business partner Lynn Butterfield began the rewarding (albeit challenging) work necessary to turn this dream into reality.

So come join me at the Sanctuary Float Center– feeling awesome awaits!


Lynn Butterfield

Lynn grew up on a farm in Indiana, where he learned to work with what was available to effect what was needed. When in High School, he joined the Indiana Army National Guard, where he trained as a medic.

After taking college courses, and working at Keebler (we kid him about being a Keebler elf), Lynn moved to Atlanta to manage multiple GNC stores. He became an integral part of Sharon’s GNC business management, handling multiple functions and aiding in the longevity of the franchise stores. His scope and skills were varied and valuable: doing much of the social media marketing, assisting in many charity drives, participating in many community events, all while managing the day to day operations of the store(s). 

Believing the body has an innate ability to heal given the right nutrition and assistance, Lynn studied to become a certified massage therapist and neuromuscular therapist so he could further help people in that pursuit. He enjoys working with people to help them bring awareness back to their own bodies to create this healing state.

After suffering a shoulder tear in a bicycle accident, Lynn found float therapy was an integral part of his healing process. In addition to a more functional use of his shoulder with increased range of motion, he noticed floating also increased his sense of calm and creativity, all while upping his energy. These benefits prompted him to want to share this modality with others, to help them de-stress and reduce their pain. This is when floatation therapy became a big piece of the Sanctuary Float Center plans.

Also of note, Lynn has a CPO certification and is well versed in pool sanitation and testing.