Cold Plunge Contraindications

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Precautions and Contraindications

Anyone with known cardiac or pulmonary conditions should steer clear of cold water immersion.

This includes those with high blood pressure.

Persons who suffer from Raynauds or with circulatory issues, or those who have adverse reactions to cold (hives, urticaria) should not cold plunge.

If you have any other medical condition, best to check with your doctor to be sure cold water exposure would not be of harm.

Do not cold plunge while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is dangerous, and we have a zero tolerance policy.

Reasons to postpone a plunge:

If you have a fever, while it may sound counter-intuitive, it is best not to cold plunge. While your body temperature initially goes down with cold water immersion, afterwards your core body temperature will actually elevate for several hours, which would be adverse to those with fever.

Do not cold plunge if you have open cuts, as the water in the Plunge tank could get contaminated.

Similarly, do not cold plunge if you have incontinence or gastrointestinal distress.