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Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) FAQ’s

What do I wear to a Halotherapy session?

It is suggested to wear loose, comfortable, light colored clothing. Keep in mind prior to entering the HaloBooth, you will want to remove any clothing which covers the area(s) of the skin you wish to be treated. But as your Halotherapy room is private, there is no need to worry about others seeing you.

(Also, if you are wearing any jewelry, please remove it prior to entering the booth as the salt can be corrosive.)

How long does a Halotherapy session typically last?

As the air inside the booth has a high concentration of salt, a session of only 10 minutes is usually sufficient to bring results. 

How many sessions do I need? How often do I need to come?

Given people use Halotherapy for various conditions, and the severity of those conditions  varies person to person, there is no set recommendation for the number of sessions. Use on a regular basis is generally advocated, whether to work on a particular issue or as a preventative measure.


Is Halotherapy OK for kids?

Yes, Halotherapy benefits adults and children alike. It is completely natural, non-invasive, and has no potentially harmful side effects. Think of it as sitting beside the ocean, breathing in the salt air.

Can I use my cell phone inside the HaloBooth?

It is not recommended to bring your cell phone into the HaloBooth itself, as the salt can be corrosive and damaging to electronics.

Would I expect any side effects when utilizing dry salt therapy?

There are no potentially harmful side effects when utilizing Halotherapy. Occasionally, especially during initial visits, some people will notice a cough or runny nose. This is simply the body working to expel the mucus and toxins from the respiratory passages.

I have heard Halotherapy can also be useful for pets that have skin or breathing issues. Do you allow people to bring in their pets?

On Mondays, we are opening up the HaloBooth to people who want to bring their dog  along to sit with them inside the HaloBooth during their therapy session. We just ask you to use the back door during these times, so as to keep our cleaning of the Center to a minimum.