Cold Plunge Benefits

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Cold Plunge Benefits

The Plunge tub, loved by serious athletes and weekend warriors alike, contains water kept at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. As the modern version of the ice bath, the Plunge helps with anyone seeking active muscle recovery

In addition, this cold therapy can also reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles.

As it takes some mental preparedness to step into the Plunge and experience its exhilarating refresh, you build mental fortitude in the process.

There are chemical and physical reactions that take place when your body is exposed to the cold water, leading to several other positive attributes:

Enhanced Immunity: leukocytes (the white blood cells that help fight off illness) are stimulated

Improved Detox: lymphatic system contracts, forcing fluid through the lymph nodes

Increased Focus & Momentum: baseline level of dopamine has been shown to increase

Help with Chronic Pain: norepinephrine is boosted, up to 5X baseline

Controlled Reaction to Stress: autonomic nervous system is triggered, which is calming

Decreased Anxiety: levels of cortisol are shown to be less

There has even been studies showing benefit for fat loss, and for improved digestion
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