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FAQs for Floatation Therapy

Do you need to know how to swim?

No, the water is only 10-12 inches deep, and the high salt content causes the body to float.

Can you drown if you fall asleep?

No, you are floating on your back and the salt water is extremely buoyant… and even if you somehow turn over, the salty water will sting your eyes and you will wake up.

What if you are claustrophobic?

We have large open float pools at the Sanctuary Float Center, so there is no lid and therefore no ‘enclosed’ feeling.


Do I wear a swimsuit?

We recommend floating in your ‘birthday suit’ (nude), as your clothing will feel distractingly  ’heavy’ if left on as you float. Your Float Suite is completely private, so you can shower and float without worry of being seen.


Can I float if pregnant?

Many women love to float while pregnant, as the salt water is buoyant and supportive so your muscles can relax. We do recommend though, always checking with your doctor for any contraindications.



Is the water safe, clean?

Yes, between each float session, the water is sanitized through 4 cycles of treatment by flowing through filters, UV and ozone systems. Plus the salt content of the water itself, being more concentrated than the dead sea, prohibits growth of virtually all microbes. We also physically inspect and disinfect surfaces between each float session.

Will I get wrinkly ‘raisin’ skin after my long session of floating?

No, the high magnesium content of the salt water acts as an emollient, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Can I float if I am on my menstrual period?

Yes, you are welcome to float as long as the flow of blood can be contained for a minimum of 2 hours. We suggest using the bathroom immediately prior to your float, and inserting a new tampon at that time. (We have extra regular flow tampons if you forget one). However, contamination of the water can be costly, so reschedule if you are having a heavy cycle or are unsure of potential leakage.

Should I do anything to prepare for my float?

Hydrate and be sure to eat a light meal 1-2 hours before your float. No caffeine (or drugs or alcohol). If you have reflux issues, then better to eat a snack or light meal 3-4 hours prior.

Can I wear contact lenses when I float?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you were by chance to get some of the salt water in your eyes, flushing may be difficult.

What should I wear to the session?

We recommend you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, as the float suite is warm and humid and getting dressed after your session is easier if you don’t have to fight to get into tight clothes. And during your actual float, we recommend not wearing anything at all.

Can I wear jewelry when I float?

It is not recommended to wear jewelry while in the float tank. If you do, the jewelry will tend to feel ‘heavy’ as your brain (when in a sensory deprivation environment) looks for things on which to focus. Also, costume jewelry may get discolored. For your convenience, we have placed a small dish in each float room  to hold your jewelry while you float.

What if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of my float?

We encourage you to use the bathroom when you first enter the middle hallway, before entering into your float suite. However, if you do need to use the bathroom in the middle of your float, please exit the float tank, rinse off in the shower, get back into your clothes, and make your way back to the bathroom at the entrance of the inner hallway. While this may be inconvenient, don’t take any chances. Contamination of the float tank would be costly.

Is it OK to drive immediately after floating?

After a float, most people find it appealing to chill in our ‘relaxation’ room, grab some tea or infused water, and ‘come back to reality’. In fact, some people extend their calm by journaling, coloring, or adding pieces at our puzzle table. But if you prefer, you would be just fine to gather your things up and leave out.


I’m curious, but anxious at the thought of floating for the first time. Can I bring someone with me?

Sure, you are welcome to share the experience with a friend or spouse. We can book both of you at the same time, individually into separate float suites. Alternatively, as our float pools are quite spacious, you can request tandem floating. And with tandem reservations, the second person can share your room at half price.

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