Red Light Therapy Overview

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Why use Red Light Therapy?

Have you been noticing more wrinkles and fine lines, and want to improve your skin’s texture and tone? Do you have acne, or scars? Have you noticed your hair growing thinner? Do you feel like your skin and hair make you look older than you feel?

Do your joints ache? Could your body benefit from a routine that has anti-inflammatory benefits? Are your muscles staying sore, with delayed recovery? Are you looking for a way to improve your performance?

Would enhancing your sleep be of benefit? Are you looking for a little extra energy, and potential help with your weight?

If you can relate to one or more of these issues, then establishing a Red Light Therapy routine could be just the thing you need to bring about uplifting improvement.
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What is it like to use Red Light Therapy at the Sanctuary Float Center?

At the end of the inner therapy hallway, your Red Light Therapy room awaits. Immediately upon entering the long and narrow room, you notice the large panel that takes up the whole back wall. With over 1100 bulbs, the red light therapy panel impressively stands over 6’ tall and 2’ wide. At the entrance to the room, there is a wooden bench and door hooks to hold any of your clothes that you wish to remove. Glasses are laid out for you to put on prior to turning on the panel. After getting ready, you walk down and hit the button to activate the panel’s lights. WOW, very bright. Now you realize the importance of the glasses, and why it’s best not to stare directly into the LEDs. You sit on the provided stool, keeping about 12-18” away from the panel itself, as you relax in the emitted  warmth. You realize this is reminiscent of laying on the beach, with sunlight beaming down upon you. After 5 minutes, you hear a beep, and realize it’s time to spin around on the stool (we jokingly call this the human rotisserie). After another 5 minutes, the panel lights turn off and you realize it’s time to get up and get back dressed. You think, next time maybe you’ll try doing some yoga stretches on the floor as you bask in the glow- look, there’s even a yoga mat under the bench, ready for your use… After gathering your belongings, you head back down the inner therapy hallway to the after alcove, then onto the relaxation area where cool infused water and hot tea await. You debate how to end your stay: just sit back on the comfy couch or chairs and enjoy the calm, or  engage your brain by doing a puzzle, coloring, or journaling. Both sound appealing…


Step 1:

BOOK RED LIGHT THERAPY take the first step by scheduling your RLT session now

Step 2

REJUVENATE as you bask in the bright glow and heat of the RLT panel

Step 3

REPEAT to see ever increasing revitalization

Don’t feel guilty about taking this time out for yourself, remember self-care is necessary in order to stay vital. Looking and feeling better is so important in maintaining positive mood and productivity!

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So what exactly is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light is a therapy designed to promote overall health and wellness by supporting cellular function. This is accomplished by sitting in front of a panel that has bulbs that emit specific wavelengths of light. These penetrating wavelengths are thought to excite the mitochondria in your cells, such that more ATP is produced. This elevation of ATP energy is thought to fuel the cells so their response to damage is increased, and allows them to better rejuvenate themselves.

Much research has been done to determine which light wavelengths can penetrate into the body, and so be able to reach the cells, tissues, blood, nerves and even the bones. It was repeatedly found that red light (600-700 nm) and near-infrared light(700-1100 nm) were the wavelength ranges that showed positive effects on cell function and were shown to aid in improving a wide range of conditions.

The Mito Red Light panel we use here at the Sanctuary Float Center is designed to maximize results, by utilizing those wavelengths which have been most researched. It contains 1152 LEDs: 288 pcs each of wavelengths 630, 660, 810, and 830 nms.