Contrast Therapy Benefits

What is Contrast Therapy?

Contrast therapy is where you alternate between hot and cold applications or immersions, one immediately following the other, often in a repeating manner.

At the Sanctuary Float Center, we have set up the adjacent Sauna (hot therapy) and Plunge (cold therapy) rooms to accommodate anyone wanting to utilize contrast therapy. Known as ‘Fire and Ice’, you can book both rooms at the same time, and go back and forth between them through a shared inner doorway. Let us know ahead of time, so we can be sure both rooms are available at the same time, and so the concierge staff can unlock the inner door (which has keyed access only).

Benefits of Contrast Therapy

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Contrast therapy is used primarily to reduce inflammation and pain. Thought to cause the blood vessels to expand (from heat), then contract (from cold), this resultant pumping action is thought to increase circulation and improve blood flow to the tissues. Athletes will often use it to improve their post-training recovery. People with new injuries use it to promote faster healing. Weekend warriors will use it to reduce muscle soreness caused by overuse and strain. Those with chronic pain and inflammation use it to reduce their symptoms.