Halo Therapy Overview

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Why try Halo Therapy?

Do you have an annoying cough, cold, flu, or ear infection? Are you bothered with seasonal allergies? Are you suffering with congestion or inflammation in your sinuses or lungs?

Are you prone to chronic breathing difficulties? Does your work environment expose you to airborne irritants? Are you looking for a boost in your overall wellness? A quick relaxing detox escape?

Does your skin break out? Do you fight Acne? Do you have itchy, irritated patches of skin? Are you bothered by chronic inflamed areas that are often worsened by stress?

Many people dealing with these conditions have found relief utilizing dry salt therapy.

We invite you to come step into our Halo Booth and try the dry salt halotherapy for yourself.

The start of soothing relief for your lungs and skin may only be 10 minutes away.

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What is it like to use the Halo (Dry Salt) Booth at the Sanctuary Float Center?

Tucked away in the back hallway of the Sanctuary Float Center you will find the HaloRoom. As you enter, you’ll see the tranquil glow given off by the tree branches in the corner behind the chair. The large wooden Halo Booth stands ready for your entrance, with the micronized salt particles already being dispersed into its inner air by the attached halogenerator.

You remove your jewelry and place it into the provided wooden dish. Then after covering your shoes with the provided disposable booties (and if you are using halotherapy for a skin condition, taking off any clothing so the problem area is exposed), you open the booth’s tempered glass door and step into the salt chamber. You turn and sit on the wooden bench, and take in a deep breath of salt air. You decide how best to relax- just sit cross legged and do yoga breathing, or meditate, or read one of the provided books or magazines… or just appreciate the calm as you sit and take in the scenery of the room (the picture of the horses running free brings a smile to your face).

After 10 minutes inside the booth, the halogenerator turns off and you realize your session has finished. You step back out of the booth, brush off any fine salt particles you may have lingering on your skin or clothes, get your jewelry back on, dispose of your shoe booties, and proceed back around the hallway to the relaxation area. Here your choice of infused water or hot tea awaits.


Step 1:

BOOK HALOTHERAPY take the first step by scheduling your HALO BOOTH session now

Step 2

RELAX as the salt air works to relieve congestion, inflammation and skin conditions.

Step 3

REPEAT to see ever increasing improvement, or for important maintenance

Don’t feel guilty about taking this time out for yourself. Remember self-care is necessary in order to stay vital. Looking and feeling better is so important in maintaining a positive mood and productivity!

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So what exactly is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy which is made possible through the use of a halogenerator. Heated Pure Grade Sodium Chloride is added to the halogenerator, where it is ground and crushed into microparticles and then dispersed as an aerosol, in our case, into the Halo Booth. This airborne salt is then both inhaled, as well as absorbed 1-2 layers deep into the exposed skin of the occupant. Having both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the salt air produced during the halotherapy session is thought to aid with respiratory issues and skin conditions. And as it is being breathed deep into the lungs, the dry salt is thought to act as a sponge, helping to clear the passageways of congestion and foreign particles. So if you notice a runny nose or an initial increase in coughing when utilizing halotherapy, that would be your body working to clear out mucus and toxins.