Cold Plunge Therapy Overview

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Why Plunge?

Are you an athlete that wants to enhance recovery? Do you workout at the gym, or at home, and find yourself getting sore a lot? Do you have chronic pain and inflammation for which you want some relief?

Do you feel tired when you get out of bed in the morning, finding it hard to get your day started? Do you need an afternoon pick-me-up to refocus? Are you not as alert as you would like to be? Do you strive to be more productive?

Do you like to challenge yourself? Would you find a boost in mental fortitude uplifting? Do you like to try things that take you out of your comfort zone? Are you looking to improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing?

We hear you! It may well be time then, to take an exhilarating dip into our Cold Plunge.
Experience for yourself the transformative power of cold water immersion.
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What is it like to Cold Plunge at the Sanctuary Float Center?

Imagine walking into a large private suite, where the Plunge tub awaits with its ice cold, clean, circulating water. You mentally prepare for your exhilarating dip by doing breathing and movement exercises as exampled by Plunge You Tube. You prepare and slide into the expansive tub, glad for the 61” legroom. You wonder, how long can I stay in this 45 degree water? After a minute or two (3 minutes max), shivering but revitalized, you step out of the tub. Now to decide- do I repeat this process? Once finished, you step to the other side of your private room and bask in your rainfall shower. Once dressed, you transition down the hallway to the after room, and then on to the relaxation area. Grab some hot tea, or cool infused water. Relax with your drink, and take in the calm… or if you prefer, chill out by journaling, reading, or by working your magic at the puzzle table.


You may have noticed the Plunge Suite has an interior door. For those who want to experience the transformational ‘Fire and Ice’ contrast therapy, this inner door allows direct access to the Sauna Den next door, without having to go into the central corridor when alternating between the cold and hot therapy rooms. This interior door is controlled solely by key access, so it would be unlocked prior to the start of your contrast therapy session by your concierge staff.

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Step 1:

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Step 2

REJUVENATE as you dip into the stimulating cold water of the Plunge tub

Step 3

FEEL REVIVED as you experience the revitalizing effects of this cold water immersion

Don’t feel guilty about taking this time out for yourself, remember it's a necessary part of your self-care routine.

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What exactly is the Plunge tub?

The cold immersion tub that we provide is made by Plunge, the top brand in the industry. What looks like a deep bathtub, the Plunge Pro XL provides enough room for people to comfortably recline, even for those over six feet tall. This revolutionary cold plunge contains approximately 100 gallons of water, which can be cooled all the way down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

The crystal clear water is constantly circulating, which maximizes the cooling effect as no ‘warm pockets’ will be formed around your body. And you needn’t worry about the water’s cleanliness, as it is maintained by constant movement through a 20 micron filter and an ozone sanitation system. Staff also visually inspects the Plunge after every usage, and disinfects all external touchpoints.

The Plunge suite has overhead lights which have been muted, and the Plunge tank itself has a built-in underwater light that illuminates your cold water immersion experience.

Come revitalize, energize and rejuvenate, come change your life, by experiencing the exhilarating effect of the cold Plunge.

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