Float Therapy Overview

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Why Float?

Are you frustrated with how you are feeling, overwhelmed with the pressures and expectations of life, wanting relief from your aches and pains, and wondering if you will ever get a good night’s rest?

Have you tried gyms and fitness classes, only to find you are anxious about being around other people, self conscious with how you look, and put off by inconvenient schedules or having to wait on equipment?

Are you worried you are on a precipice, that if something doesn’t change, you will implode and let down your family, your job, yourself?

Know you are not alone. We’ve heard similar from friends and clients. We understand. Heck, we’ve been there ourselves.

Don’t get discouraged, come give floatation therapy a try.

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What is it like to float at Sanctuary Float Center?

Imagine your own personal private retreat, with no distractions as the sights and sounds of the outside world are muted, where relaxation awaits as you step into the warm buoyant water of your expansive float pool. As you begin to float, your muscles and mind calm down, and you drift into a pleasant dream state (some people even fall asleep). As you relax, defrag and turn inward, in this rare moment where underlying anxiety fades away, you experience profound bliss.

When your session concludes, you step out of the float pool directly into your own private shower. No transitioning into another room, no embarrassment having to share locker room space with others. You finish your rainfall shower and get dressed, then stroll leisurely down the inner hallway to the ‘after alcove’ where you take your time tidying up (wow- the accoutraments even include individually packaged combs). As you exit the inner hallway, you come into a relaxation area where you find hot tea and infused water waiting. Tempted by the comfy furniture, you take a pause and end your respite by staying a while longer, sipping your drink, deciding on whether you want to just sit back and savor the moment, capture your thoughts by journaling, relax and read a book, or be challenged at the puzzle table. The choice is yours…

Wow- sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it? But the benefits don’t stop there… After floating, people have reported on their remarkable sustained state of calm, others relate renewed energy, improved clarity, and a sparked creativity, while yet others report having better quality sleep and reduced muscle pain.


Step 1:

BOOK YOUR FLOAT, take the first step by scheduling your float therapy session

Step 2

RELAX as you immerse yourself in a tranquil environment designed for your peace of mind

Step 3

FEEL REVIVED as you experience the revitalizing effects of floatation therapy

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What is a Float Pool?

At Sanctuary Float Center we opted to bring in extra large open float pools, built in the USA (Indiana).

Imagine a big hot tub, 117” long and 77” wide. Big enough for 2 people to float comfortably side by side.

Filled around 10” deep with water, in which approximately 1000# Epsom salts have been dissolved.

More saturated than the Dead Sea, dense enough to float a bowling ball. Heated to body temperature.

This is an open pool, so no lid, no feeling of being enclosed. In a room kept warm so you remain comfortable even when wearing your ‘birthday suit’.

What is a Float Suite?

The float pools (4) are each located in their own private ADA compliant suite.

The suites are specialty rooms built to mute out sound and light (unless you want them on).

They utilize a negative pressure system that helps control humidity and air circulation.

Each has a private shower, with a rainfall shower head and a shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser.

Float rings are provided for those who prefer floating with a head support.

Towels and washcloths are furnished. Robes are available if requested.

Individual accoutrements are supplied: makeup remover, earplugs, gel to protect cuts, deodorant wipe.

Hand rails are installed for your added safety in the shower, and for transitioning in and out of the float pool.

The overhead Wyze lights will automatically turn off after you enter the float pool. However, being on a motion sensor, these lights will come back on if you should later need to step back out of the float pool for any reason. 

There is also a calming blue light which illuminates the water in the float pool itself. You can choose to float in its soft ambiance, or you can turn it off (via a push button on the inside wall of the float pool) to effect complete darkness.

You will also hear soft spa music playing while you are floating. Again, you are in control and can decide whether to leave the tranquil music on or turn it off at your discretion.

Each float suite is private, so you can relax and just enjoy  time to yourself.