Contrast Therapy FAQ

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Contrast Therapy FAQ’s

How often should I incorporate contrast therapy?

Peak benefits are best realized when contrast therapy becomes part of a regular routine. Three to four times a week for the first two weeks is often recommended to induce cumulative effects.

Most people complete 2 to 3 rounds per session, with each round incorporating 15-20 minutes in the sauna, along with 1-3 minutes in the plunge tub.

Are there contraindications to contrast therapy?

Yes, please refer to the contraindications listed under both the Sauna and Cold Plunge headings. If anything so described applies to you, from either therapy contraindication reference, then unfortunately ‘Fire and Ice’ Therapy would be inappropriate for you.

Step 1:

BOOK YOUR PLUNGE take the first step by scheduling your Plunge therapy session now

Step 2

REJUVENATE as you dip into the stimulating cold water of the Plunge tub

Step 3

FEEL REVIVED as you experience the revitalizing effects of this cold water immersion

Don’t feel guilty about taking this time out for yourself,
remember it’s a necessary part of your self-care routine.

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