Red Light FAQ

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FAQs for Red Light Therapy

What do I wear to a Red Light Therapy session?

Since the light wavelengths cannot penetrate clothing, you will want to expose your skin during the session by wearing exercise clothing, underwear, or swimwear. And by wearing loose fitting clothing over this base layer will make getting ready before and after your session the easiest.

How long is a typical Red Light Therapy session?

Mito Red Light recommends 10 minute sessions at 12-18 inches from the panel (15 minutes max).

Cumulative effect is best seen when utilizing RLT multiple times per week.

However, more is not always better. Mito recommends 4-10x per week, with at least 6 hours between sessions on the same area.

Note: we have an unlimited RLT membership for those looking to maximize results at the best price.


Is red light therapy safe?

Mito Red Light uses only the red and near infrared wavelengths that are clinically proven to be effective and safe. However, we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for specific questions about any concerns, including eye problems or health conditions.

Do I need to use safety glasses during the Red Light Therapy session?

As the Mito Red Lights are very bright, it is always recommended to use the provided eyeglass protection. Also, remember to not stare directly into the light emitting diodes (LEDs) themselves.

Can pregnant or nursing women use the Lights?

As there has been no clinical research with RLT treatments on pregnant or lactating subjects, if you fall into this category, please do not use the device without first consulting with your healthcare provider.