Sauna Therapy Overview

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Why Sauna?

Do your knees or feet hurt? Are you achy? Do you have muscle tightness and stiffness? Are you wanting relief from (chronic) pain?

Do you put in a hard workout? Are you looking to improve your performance? Are you looking to recover faster?

Have you been putting in long hours, beginning to feel rundown, and craving a healthy boost? Are you sensing you need more time to yourself, time for better self-care, time for some healthy relaxation?

We hear you. And the sauna is calling your name.

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What’s it like to use an Infrared Sauna at the Sanctuary Float Center?

When you step into our Infrared Saunas, you enter into your own spacious wooden den, handcrafted from eucalyptus wood and equipped with multiple sound and light choices. For your heat setting, you can pull up one of the pre-sets based on your desired results, or you can dial in your own temperature. And as you sit in the comfortable warmth, you can chill, do seated yoga, meditate… or you can tune into YouTube… the choice is yours.

Want to share the experience with a friend or spouse? No problem, our saunas seat 2-3 people comfortably.

One of our two sauna rooms has an interior door that can allow direct access to our Plunge (cold) therapy room. So for those wanting to try out ‘Fire and Ice’ Contrast Therapy, you can alternate rooms without having to go into the central corridor. This interior door is controlled solely by key access, so it would be unlocked prior to the start of your session by your concierge staff.


Step 1:

BOOK YOUR SAUNA, take the first step by scheduling your infrared sauna therapy session now

Step 2

RELAX as you feel the gentle and healing heat warm you from the inside out

Step 3

FEEL REVIVED as you experience the revitalizing effects of infrared heat therapy.

Remember, taking time for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s a necessary part of your self care routine.

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